Drag Queens taster tape 2018

I went to interview some of Bristol’s fabulous Drag Queens about the new teen-girl fanbase that’s drawn to queens and drag shows.

Beacon Awards 2017

I shot, directed, and edited 12 short interview clips with the winners of the 2017 Beacon Awards, as well as this ad which blends footage from clips and from the awards ceremony with original animation by Michelle Isme. The awards are about recognising, celebrating, and inspiring people to give charitably, and to do it well. Each Beacon prize is awarded to someone who is powering philanthropy in their own fields.

Foul Play

I shot, directed, and edited this short film which I co-wrote in conjunction with Stephen Russell at the Trade Union Congress for their very important Playfair Qatar campaign, which draws attention to the scandalous working conditions currently in place in Qatar in the lead up to the World Cup, and hopes to help fair-minded football fans tell FIFA they need to put the pressure on Qatar to treat the workers fairly.



I filmed this documentary short earlier this year (2014) for the 1000 Londoners online film project. It won a competition, run in conjunction with the London Short Film Festival, and will be screened at LSFF in 2015. Ami is a vet, an actress, and runs online gay lifestyle magazine Reprobait.

The Argument

This (mostly) silent dramatic short was filmed in Spring 2014. It tells the simple story of a taxi driver’s argument with his father, and the spats of some of his passengers.

Our DOP was the lovely and talented James Ian Gray

Some of the actors featured include Terry Scotchmer, Eddie Register, Peri Linklater-Johnson, and Elliot Bornemann.

The Murder of Gonzago

I filmed this in late 2013 in conjunction with my stage production of Hamlet. It is the dumbshow that precedes the play-within-a-play in Hamlet, where the traveling players tell the story of a king murdered by his brother for the love of the queen.

Rehearsal Space

This short was filmed in Raleigh, North Carolina. It was joint project with my co-director, writer, and producer Katie Anderson, under our production company Indifferent Red. You can visit the film’s Facebook page.

A theatre company’s rehearsals for Romeo and Juliet and Twelfth Night bring back memories: the two older leads recall emotional connections from their past, and the new ingenues learn a thing or two about subtext from their predecessors. Under the hands of their director, old wounds are healed and new lessons learned. On this stage, the story begins where the script ends…

Our DOP is NC based cameraman Stephen Cook.

Clark Gable

Filmed in Toronto, Canada, this is one of my earliest film projects. It tells the story of Clark, who is constantly disappointed that life is not as romantic or dramatic as the classic films he loves; so he makes a movie with a little help from his friends, and his ex.

The star of the film, Mike Donis, has just completed work on a great online series called Pete Winning

My DOP on this was the excellent Ben Lichty.


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