Katherine Wootton is a TV producer, and writer/director/actor for film and theatre.

She is moving back to her native Canada, and eager to continue her career. Please get in touch with any opportunities!

Katherine is a producer and director for broadcast television in the UK, US, and internationally. Her work has included high-profile documentaries, factual series, and event programming.

2019 highlights include history producing a new primetime BBC series Back in Time for the Corner Shop; and developing a big 6-part project with Keo Films for National Geographic which is currently filming. Both with air in spring 2020.

She previously worked in development with Boom Cymru Films in Cardiff, across a wide range of factual pitches, and History Produced the widely praised Made in Great Britain with DSP in London. Katherine also worked on many projects with October Films in London, developing cutting edge history series for US broadcasters. She’s also story produced and conducted interviews for the workplace crime series The Killer Beside Me for Investigation Discovery.

Her independent work includes creating a series of short clips and a 2 minute ad for the Beacon Awards, celebrating excellence in philanthropy, and a short online charity feature Foul Play for the Playfair Qatar campaign.

Some of her other credits include the Reburial of Richard III on Channel 4, Building Hitler’s Supergun (also Channel 4 and NatGeo), and the BAFTA pictured was for the BBC’s 2015 WW1 Remembered: From the Battlefield & Westminster Abbey.

Her full-length original play, Dancing About Architecture, premiered at the Arena Theatre in Wolverhampton, and was performed at the Old Joint Stock Theatre in Birmingham, and The Courtyard Theatre in London, in February 2017. She currently directs and acts in the US and UK 14/48 festivals, in Seattle, London, Leicester, and Wolverhampton.

While in the UK, she has made several short films, one of which won a 1000 Londoners and London Short Film Festival competition; worked on several plays with KDC, including directing Hamlet and the original one act Stag Nation, which also appeared at the London Fringe, and appearing in the devised piece The Walls are Watching and the original play Casual Encounters.

Kat studied film and television at the George Washington University in D.C, before moving to Toronto, Canada, where she studied film directing at LIFT, made two short films, and directed fringe and independent theatre.

She is excited about moving back to Canada, and continuing to create amazing tv, film, and theatre projects.

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